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We are BURY CINE SOCIETY in the north of Manchester. Around here since 1960 and one of the friendliest movie making societies around
Affiliated to                   the Film and Video Institute
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Full Membership ................................................. £50.00

Subscriptions are for a period of 1 year.
If you would like to be a member of Bury CS the easiest way is just to send us a message on our Contact Form and we will come back to you with information about our club and how you can become one of us.
It costs you nothing to visit us to see how we work and we would hope you like the meeting enough to become a member.
You will need to become a member of the Mosses Centre as well, currently only £5 a year, if you are not a member already. We can help you in how to do this when you come to the meetings. There is also a cup of tea or coffee in the interval.

You will find us a pleasant group and our meetings are usually very informal. Our members are varied in their interests in film and video making and you will be given every encouragement and help in your movie making activities.
How to be a Member of Bury CS