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We are BURY CINE SOCIETY in the north of Manchester. Around here since 1960 and one of the friendliest movie making societies around
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Filming at St. Marie’s Church in Bury
We have paid a good number of visits to the church to follow the work and our film is coming on very nicely. Work has been delayed over the winter and is now a couple of months behind schedule but the rebuilding is time-consuming work and two of our members have been up in the scaffolding to continue filming. The workmen have been very helpful in keeping us informed when we need to visit the site. The film will in due course be passed to the church for their records and archive.
Keep coming back to our site to see how the project and film are progressing.
We have been asked by the Church authorities at St. Marie’s Church in Bury  to film a huge project being done there to renovate the Lantern Tower.
The tower, which was in a poor state, has been demolished, the stones numbered and is now being rebuilt to stop further deterioration. The tower is one of only about three in the country and is therefore of a great historical significance.
Of course, since March, work has been suspended on the work because of the Covid-19 pandemic but work has now restarted and we have arranged with the contractors that one of their workers with a video camera will take material for us. He knows what is wanted and once we can get up there with them we will continue to finish the production.